About Our Program:

Petite Ballet at Beam & Barre is invested in fostering a love of dance in every young child. Classes at Petite Ballet invite students to learn to dance in an engaging, fun, and nurturing environment. It is our goal that after each class, dancers leave feeling accomplished, valued, and like they are the best dancers in the room! 

Unlike other dance studios, Petite Ballet focuses solely on early childhood ages. Unique syllabi are created specifically for each level, geared towards the specific emotional, social, and physical benchmarks for every age. Not only does this ensure that students are set up to succeed and meet expectations in each class, but guarantees that students will continue to learn new material as they progress through each age group. 

Each week, students will begin with a group exercise that allows them to explore developmentally appropriate versions of skills like spatial awareness, path finding, direction following, and body control, among others. Students will also learn correct ballet terminology through a series of imaginative warm ups and stretches that mimic center barre, building upon these skills to become more specific as students’ ages progress. Through the use of props, students explore how dancers can become storytellers, learning simple choreography to some of their favorite songs, which are carefully selected to appeal to each level. Thoughtfully curated classes plus expertly trained instructors equal a consistent dance experience across all classes and with every teacher. No matter which class a child takes or which teacher they learn from, students know what to expect from petite ballet - a love of dance and lots of fun! 

Class Guidelines:

2.5 - 3.5 years old

Our youngest ballerinas should be able to identify the different parts of their body, and have basic gross locomotor skills like tiptoeing and hopping on two feet. Emotionally, readiness may vary from child to child, but generally, they should have a level of independence and willingness to follow instructions. Students should be potty trained and be able to separate from caregivers for this drop off class. The primary goal at this age is to foster a love for dance and provide a positive experience.

3 - 4 years old

Physically, children need to have the body awareness to identify and consciously isolate their different body parts (knees, fingers, toes). Our classes also expect that children can control their movement and positions long enough to stay on their spot while we do our circle exercises and stretches. In our 3 - 4 year old classes, students are able to follow instructions, engage in the group activities, and express themselves imaginatively trough movement. They should also be comfortable in group settings and willing to participate in group activities. With encouragement, students will have a joyful ballet journey and experience the benefits of self-expression and physical development.

4 - 5 years old

Building on gross motor and basic locomotor skills, students in our 4 - 5 year old classes will begin to focus on how fine motor skills can be used in dance. Students should be able to follow two part directions (i.e. tiptoe to the mirror and curtsey). Each students’ ability to follow the flow of class (which is generally consistent from week to week) is very important for the class to run smoothly. Students should be able to further develop coordination, balance, and posture, as well as their listening and social skills. In a supportive atmosphere, students will receive feedback and guidance to help the children learn and grow in their ballet skills.

4.5 - 5.5 years old

Designed for older 4’s and 5 year olds who may not be ready to commit to a traditional studio, our 4.5 - 5.5 year old classes blend imaginative movement with a structured ballet syllabus based on Royal Academy of Dance exercises. Students in these classes should be enthusiastic about learning classical ballet steps while maintaining a creative outlook on dance. A great option for kindergarteners who need some extra time to transition or are not interested in performing in a recital. 

Ms Julia (founder, instructor) is excited to bring her creative movement based ballet classes to Beam & Barre. She has been teaching for more than a decade, instilling the love of movement and storytelling in dancers at young ages. Previous teaching experience includes Greenwich Dance Studio, Rockwell Dance Center, East Pointe Dance, and The Dance Pointe, among others. Miss Julia has completed dance pedagogy courses at New York University and The Ailey School, and has trained with professionals at various studios in NYC, Los Angeles, and CT.

Ms Sky (instructor) graduated with a BFA from SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Dance Class of 2022, and completed a summer season with the Hudson Ballet Theatre, as a Trainee, where she performed with the company in their Summer Gala. Her recent training includes artÉmotion and Ballet West Academy intensive, Alonzo King LINES Ballet, and Musical Theatre Lab in Martha’s Vineyard.